Childrens Physiotherapy in Sydney

Clinics specialising in childrens physiotherapy in Sydney, Australia work with patients ranging from premature infants to adolescents in order to ensure the very best physical development and functioning. And just like any other physiotherapy speciality, childrens physiotherapy in Sydney is mainly concerned about coordination, movement, the cardiorespiratory system, and posture. Their goal is to give their young patients treatment programs they will like while simultaneously coaching them to actively participate and eventually become independent.

The Advantages of Childrens Physiotherapy in Sydney

There is a wide range of conditions that are treated through childrens physiotherapy in Sydney, such as all degrees of cerebral palsy severity and developmental delays stemming from hypotonia global or gross motor.

Other conditions that childrens physiotherapists treat are genetic conditions and syndromes, neural tube defects, spina bifida, spinal muscular atrophy, muscular dystrophy, juvenile chronic arthritis, brachial plexus lesions, dystonia in premature infants, visual handicaps, minimal cerebral dysfunction, cystic fibrosis, asthma, and respiratory issues.

In addition to the above, childrens physiotherapy in Sydney is ideal for youth suffering from postural problems such as torticollis, talipes, scoliosis, idiopathic toe walkers, and metatarsus adductus.

How Physiotherapists Work With Others

When a child is brought into a physiotherapy clinic for assessment, the physiotherapist will diagnosis the child and provide his or her parents and caregivers with advice about positioning, handling, and treatment via exercise and play activities. Overall, the physiotherapist's approach is practical and holistic with great emphasis on posture and gross motor functioning.

In order for a patient to experience the best outcome, he or she should ideally be seen before nine months of age. Patients do not necessarily have to visit a clinic for treatment; many physiotherapists will work with children in daycare centres, at home, at school, or at Early Intervention Programs.

During a visit with a young patient, the physiotherapist will administer advice regarding equipment such as mobility aids, pushers, standing frames, and seating. The methods used in childrens physiotherapy in Sydney include motor learning, neurodevelopmental therapy, and hydrotherapy. In many cases, physiotherapists are the first medical professionals to address the child's ailment.

Childrens Physiotherapy in Sydney for Adolescents

Childrens physiotherapists work with adolescents who suffer from conditions like spinal injuries, acquired brain injuries, post trauma injuries, neurological diseases, sports injuries, fractures, post orthopaedic surgery, juvenile chronic arthritis, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, asthma, cystic fibrosis, respiratory diseases, plastic surgery, burns, chronic pain, and limb deficiency conditions.

Centres for childrens physiotherapy in Sydney help their patients build and maintain functional range of movement and skill level to minimise postural deformities and joint contracture. Physiotherapists encourage their young patients to participate in school and community activities to allow them to not only keep up their physical fitness level, but also socialise with their peers. Patients are usually given physical independence tools such as walking aids, wheelchairs, and orthotics.

Locating Childrens Physiotherapy in Sydney

Physiotherapists specialising in children can be found in a wide variety of places. Some of these places include contacting the Australian Physiotherapy Association, community health centres, hospitals, private practises, and The Spastic Society.

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