Neurological Physiotherapy in Sydney

Practitioners of neurological physiotherapy in Sydney provide various treatments for children and adults of all ages from birth and upwards who suffer from developmental and neurological problems. These types of problems stem from damage caused to the spinal cord and brain as well as the peripheral nervous system, which can subsequently cause muscle tone, movement, balance, sensation, and strength problems. In children, these developmental issues can cause severe milestone achievement delays.

Conditions Treated by Neurological Physiotherapy in Sydney

There are quite a few conditions treated by neurological physiotherapy in Sydney. These conditions include congenital disorders like cerebral palsy, ataxia, dyspraxia, developmental disorders, spinal cord diseases, head injuries, brain and spinal cord cancers, peripheral nerve injuries, muscular dystrophy, and inherited neurological diseases.

The Benefits of Neurological Physiotherapy in Sydney

There are many benefits to seeking neurological physiotherapy in Sydney, such as increasing range of movement, normalising muscle tone, and improving coordination, balance, and muscle strength. Through various physiotherapy treatments, patients can enjoy a better quality of life. In order to treat patients, physiotherapists will employ certain methods such as Carr and Shepherd, Bobath, Brunnstrom, and Cognitive Education.

The Goals of Neurological Physiotherapy in Sydney

The majority of patients will benefit from their physiotherapist's “hands-on” approach to exercises and techniques. And through these types of treatments, patients will be able to move easier and in normal patterns, improve their ability to achieve daily activities, increase their muscle strength and movement, and improve their fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and posture.

Many times, patients will also be able to increase their balance, lengthen their tightened muscles in order to decrease their spasticity as well as reduce their contractures, increase their confidence in performing routine tasks, and bolster their independence.

Common Treatments Used in Neurological Physiotherapy in Sydney

There are certain treatment methods used in neurological physiotherapy that helps young people reach physical milestones at a quicker pace. Some of these methods include exercises that are mainly based on everyday activities; these exercises can increase muscle trunk and shoulder strength, which subsequently improves coordination and balance.

There are also stretches meant to lengthen the muscles; this reduces contractures. In addition to stretches, patients may perform leg exercises as part of their treatment plan. The purpose of these stretches is to either increase the patient's mobility or help them stand and walk without using any aides.

Other treatment methods include correcting the patient's positioning and posture. Patients may also be taught to copy their movements in a mirror in order to teach them where their arms and legs are while at rest and while in movement. Physiotherapists will also provide caregivers with information regarding continuing exercises outside of the clinic as well as using movement supportive devices.

More About Neurological Physiotherapy in Sydney

The best way to receive neurological rehabilitation is through neurological physiotherapy in Sydney. These physiotherapy specialists are capable of making treatments not only effective, but also fun, making it ideal for younger patients. Also, physiotherapists work in conjunction with occupational therapists in order to give their patients access to more equipment and treatment options.

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